History & Mission

Founded in 1966, Valley Forge Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club (VFMOTTC) is a community service organization that provides support for its members in a variety of ways. We are dedicated to supporting MOMs and assisting them with adjusting to their new role. Membership is open to all mothers and expectant mothers of multiples.

The club has many resources and features designed to support MOMs on their journey of raising multiples. Joining VFMOTTC is a great way for MOMs to meet each other and for children to make new friends with whom they will grow and learn.

VFMOTTC sponsors family parties and events, playgroups, age-appropriate activities and outings for MOMs and children, MOMs’ nights out, education programs and semiannual clothing and equipment sales. We also provide an array of member resources to keep MOMs well connected.

Whether it is a visit to the local zoo, Fall Harvest Festival at MerryMead Farm, a Drool & Crawl (ages 0-2) or Daytime Diversion (ages 2-5) play date, a game of Bunco by Candlelight or simply coffee with the girls, we have an activity for you!

2016-2017 Valley Forge Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club Executive Board, Chairs, and Committees

President: Christi Foster

National Rep. (NOM: TC): Kim Kostusiak

State Rep. (POMOMC): Katie Kerstetter

Past President/Advisor: Dana VanCoillie

1st Vice President, Programs: Katie Kerstetter

Hospitality Chair: Jenn Tucholski

Holiday Dinner Chair: Reena Kolar and Erin O’Brien

Member Appreciation Chair: Dana VanCoillie, Judy Hickman, Meghan Perkins, and Corinne MacCarty

Installation Ceremony/Reception: Dana VanCoillie/Lisa Coons

2nd Vice Pres., Ways & Means: Katrina Fusco

Clothing Sale Chairs: Christi Foster and Becky Dice

Trivia Night: Dana VanCoillie, Katie Kerstetter, and Katrina Fusco

Recording Secretary: Lisa Coons

Librarian: Christi Foster

Corresponding Secretary: Jenn Tucholski

BigTent Admin: Janet Hilsmier

Newsletter Editors/Publishers: Kim Kostusiak, Gail Reiker, and Sue Tramontana

Website Chair: Colleen Greshock

Vice President, Membership: Mandi Pitoscia

Active Membership Chair: Lisa Coons

New Member Coordinator (Sunshine): Jackie Root

Vice President, Activities: Jackie Root

Book Club Coordinator: Cindy Bowman

Bunco by Candlelight Coordinator: Jackie Valerio

Children’s Annual Party Chair: Christi Foster and Dana VanCoillie

Daytime Diversions Chair: Christi Foster

Drool & Crawl Chair: Jackie Root and Lauren Tyson

Family Fall Event Chair: Sherry Santamaria

Fun Over Five Chair: Christi Foster

MOM’s Harvest Brunch Chair: Jackie Valerio

MOM’s Night Out Chair: Christi Foster

MOM’s Spring Brunch Chair: Meghan Perkins

Vice President, Outreach: Judy Hickman

Helping Hands Coordinator: Christi Foster and Katrina Fusco

Adoptive MOMs Coordinator: Tracy Rasmussen

Preemie Support Co-Chairs: Maria Bentin

MOMs Support: Dana VanCoillie

Big/Little Sister Coordinator: Dana VanCoillie

Treasurer: Becky Dice