Hello, and welcome to the Valley Forge Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club (VFMOTTC). We are an organization formed primarily to support Mothers of Twins, Triplets, and higher order multiples with the challenges and joys of raising “multiple” children. The support comes not only from the advice you can get from experienced Mothers of Multiples (MOMs), but also the friendship and bonds that you develop with other women who understand exactly what you are going through. So, whether you have already had your multiples, are expecting, or if you are a family member of someone who has multiples, welcome! See what we have to offer and come on board.

Fun Facts

As of May 16, 2013, Valley Forge Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club is comprised of 171 members and we are proud to say we have 444 children between us! In this total, there are 99 singletons, 160 sets of twins, 8 sets of triplets and 1 set of quads and 5 expecting MOMs. There are 60 sets of boy/girl twins and 5 sets of boy/girl triplets, 55 sets of boy twins and 2 sets of boy triplets, 40 sets of girl twins and 1 set of girl triplets. The quads are 3 girls and 1 boy. We have 17 sets of twins/triplets that have names that begin with the same letter of the alphabet. We have two MoMs that are twins, one with a twin brother, the other has a twin sister. We also have a MoM of twins whose daughter is a MoM of triplets and a MoM with 2 sets of twins. One member’s twin daughters are the 8th set of fraternal twins on her side of the family. Another member’s twin daughters are the 8th set of fraternal twins (only set that is the same gender) on their mother’s side of the family! At the present time, the twins and triplets are the only children in 81 of our families. We have 15 mothers who have had one or more children after the birth of their multiples. Valley Forge Mothers of Twins & Triples Club recognizes a partnership of support with the Multiples of America, www.nomotc.org .
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Valley Forge, PA 19484-0833